About Bear Soul Massage

Who am I and what do I offer?

Welcome to my webspace. My name is Kevin and I was born in Staffordshire of English/Irish descent. I’m a fully qualified ITEC Professional Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner. I am down to earth and masculine, 6ft 2 tall and have a solid, muscular build, (though people often comment that my physical presence is in contrast to my gentle, calm manner). I have strong hands and for the person who likes a heavy deep massage and can incorporate body to body techniques, each treatment is tailored to your specific needs.


I have been a student of Kabbalah for over 15 years, and like to incorporate its powerful healing techniques into my treatments, along with crystal therapy to create a truly immersive holistic and Tantric experience in an atmosphere of love and kindness. Being a spiritual man, I have always recognised the importance of touch and the necessity of intimacy and sensuality to the human feeling of well-being, so as well as using my physical strength in the treatment I also endeavour to make the experience caring, intimate and pleasurable as possible. Having worked through my own intimacy issues in the past, I can particularly empathise with those issues in others, whether it be due to religious, family or sexual acceptance of one’s true nature.

I work from premises in West London near Shepherds Bush and am also mobile so outcalls are possible depending on distance. Please get in touch if you would like to book one of my massages. I look forward to hearing from you.


Treatments & Counselling

Each treatment is tailored specifically to meet your requirements
Appointments after 10pm are by request. Late night prices on application.

90 Minute Deep Tissue Tantric Massage

  • This is by far the most popular treatment option I offer, being longer the Premium massage allows me to be more creative and, dependent on the client’s requirements and comfort, I’ll often work instinctively to give the client an extraordinary deep and sensual experience. The 90 minute deep tissue/tantric massage covers the whole of the body and includes reflexology treatment and healing to rebalance your energy field during the massage.

60 Minute Deep Tissue Tantric Massage

  • This is similar to the 90 minute massage but is for people with less time to spare , you receive a full a full body deep tissue tantric massage, if you’ve never tried a tantric massage then you really don’t know what you’re missing, it’s a deeply relaxing and sensual experience that allows you to let go completely

4 Hands Deep Tissue / Tantric

£220 - 90 Minutes
  • The main benefits of receiving a 4 hands massage is that when the body experiences 4 hands working simultaneously  the nervous system and brain become so engulfed with stimulation that the conscious mind has no option but to “let go”. Usually within only 10 minutes of the massage beginning the “receiver” will find himself “giving over” as the body responds spontaneously to the expert exploratory touch of the two masseurs. So like a Roller Coaster ride, the 4 Hands massage should be approached with excited anticipation, ridden with wondrous abandonment and then afterwards delight in the memory of having experienced it.  Four hands massage is performed by myself and another qualified masseur.

Non Tantric Deep Tissue Holistic Massage

£60 - 60 Minutes
  • This is for clients that want to experience a wonderfully relaxing full body deep tissue massage and reflexology treatment without the tantric/sensual element.

Spiritual Counselling

£50 - 60 Minutes
  • The experience of being deeply listened to by someone who has travelled along similar paths in life can be profoundly reassuring and supportive. We all carry dilemmas, pain, anxiety and confusion from our life experiences of upbringing, conditioning, decisions and relationships. We take these with us into our families, workplaces and friendships and they limit our capacity to experience and express who we truly are. Whatever your beliefs and faith, deep listening to your own heart and Soul - the source of your true inspiration - is a truly awakening experience. Spiritual direction, counseling and healing can all work at the physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual levels. I can show you, in a step by step practical way, how to re-connect with your soul and accept you’re true –self, a spiritual being having a human experience.


Feedback from some of my satisfied customers!

Lobo67 - London

Strong Hands

2nd February 2016

After splitting with my ex wife and knowing all my life that I was gay.I decided to go and explore that part of my life that had been suppressing due to religion,family issues and of course lack of acceptance. I was disorientated,feeling lost and alone,when I met Kevin for the first time.As soon as I saw him I knew I was in safe hands,he is handsome,well educated, calm, approachable, caring, have good manners and very spiritual, qualities hard to find nowadays in one single person. We proceed to the massage and the gentle touch of his strong hands and calm way of approaching  together with the spirituality he radiates  made feel  like if I was in another dimension. I shared my “darkest secret” with him,and found in him an answer of reassurance that There is nothing wrong with me being gay and felt like a big weight had been lifted up from my shoulders. He also talked to me about Kabbalah and to be honest have found it very fascinating and at the same time is helping me to get through this process of healing and acceptance. When I look back and see the man I was a just a bit over a month ago compared to the man I am now I can only thank God for giving me the opportunity of meeting this wonderful man. 

Lobo67 - London

Premium Massage

Daniel - London

An Excellent Masseur

01st July 2015

 I have been enjoying massage from Kevin, for just over a year now and have now become a regular client. Kevin’s massages have greatly helped my walking disability, as well as releasing tension in my neck, back, hips and legs. Kevin is an excellent Masseur, providing therapeutic and sensual massage to perfection, after which I feel energised, relaxed and always leave him with a smile on my face. Another aspect of Kevin’s services is his healing therapy incorporating his Kabbalah knowledge and techniques. I have used masseurs in London for several years, and its rare to find a such brilliant masseur with a combination of strong hands, good nature, gentle mannered, and dedicated to giving pleasure to others. 

Daniel - London

Premium Massage

Fraser - Essex

Deep and Sensual

26th January 2016

One of the best massages I have ever experienced. A strong, deep and sensual massage that left me on cloud nine for the rest of the day. I would thoroughly recommend Kevin to anyone who is nervous about having their first massage as he certainly knows how to put you at ease and I can’t wait for my next massage with him! 

Fraser - Essex

Premium Massage

Jason - London

Relaxing and De-stressing

14th December 2015

Kevin gave me a very warm greeting and everything went up from there on. He is a very strong guy who gives a really special massage. I will be visiting him again and recommend his massage to anyone who needs a relaxing and de-stressing massage. Kev worked on my knee which had been giving me some pain and I left walking on air. He’s very friendly and easy to talk to. 

Jason - London

Premium Massage

James - Liverpool

Very Considerate

13th December 2015

I’ve had 3 sessions with Kev and loved each one. He’s very considerate and has a wonderful touch. You can drift off and relax with him. Or equally if you can talk to him as he’s such a great listener. I’m not always great with new people but Kev’s such a warm and friendly bloke I found it very easy to relax and talk to him. That he’s a big, handsome bear is just the icing on the cake! 

James - Liverpool

Premium Massage

Greg - London

Wonderfully Intuitive

09th December 2015

I hadn’t seen Kev for a while but was so pleased I made the effort to get an appointment this week. I have seen numerous masseurs over the last 6 years, but Kev is undoubtedly the best. He seems to know exactly where to place his hands and for a big guy has a wonderfully intuitive touch. He uses all his body and I really value the fact that he is happy to to listen to my needs, he really cares and wants to help, I hope to be able to see him again very soon! 

Greg - London

Premium Massage




Life is a beautiful, complex layering of laws and interdependent movements of matter and energy. Kabbalah is a systematic overview of how existence functions, on every level, from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic, it explains everything in a logical, practical language. Kabbalah is spirituality meeting science, quantum mechanics was explained by Kabbalah thousands of years ago, science is now catching up. It explains the laws of the universe and how to work with them and reach a better station in life. It is universal and inclusive, people of all backgrounds and beliefs can study Kabbalah, it’s wisdom is for the whole of humanity. Literally meaning ‘to receive’, Kabbalah teaches us how to find meaning and receive lasting fulfilment. It is a 4,000-year old study and practice of practical ideas and insights into how we can each gain more from life by looking within. It is a spiritual wisdom, not a religious one, its concepts are universal and unifying, as opposed to divisive.

Through understanding Kabbalah we learn to understand the universe, ourselves, who we are, why we are here and what we need to change to improve our lives using a practical step by step system, It’s like plugging into the matrix, or accessing the program behind the desktop. Life isn’t just a series of random, chaotic events, there’s a system in place, Kabbalah is the guide and blueprint to this system.

I’ve included Kabbalah on my website as its a big part of my life, its wisdom has enabled me to overcome various personal issues and it’s part of my massage routine regarding the love and healing energy I put into each one. But please don’t worry, I’m definitely not religious, I don’t preach, and I won’t beat you around the head with spiritual mumbo jumbo.

How to contact me

To make an enquiry or book a massage, please fill in the form below and I will be in touch shortly. Alternatively, for a more immediate response, I can be contacted by calling or texting 07714 471149. My treatment studio is based in West London, (Shepherds Bush), but I am also available for outcalls should you require a massage within your own surroundings or at your hotel if on business.